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The EA V12 is the only humanized intelligence in the market capable of improving your trade in the stock Exchange in milliseconds 100% on automatic

One of the only systems, capable of generating results in the first week 100% automatically

The EA V12 was thinking for you who is:


Employed and doesn’t know how to invest in your money


Self-employed and wants to multiply your earnings


A businessman and doesn’t have to trade immediately


Pretends to build a peaceful future and grow old without worries

What is the EA V12... And why does he accelerates your investiments?

The V12 is a EA that operates in the financial market 100% automatic with a very fast speed.

In other words: the only EA that wins intelligence operating…

If you simply activate him, you will start to profit more… and you will already start gaining more money, the more he operates , the more he gains experience in movement patterns that are happening in a blick of na eye.

Thats because the EA V12 has 12 cores, who are like the brains of 12 professional traders that make millions in the market.

…The EA V12 focuses that more actions will be aplicated in the correct moment and correctly gives the stop in the application… 

You wouldn’t be even able of seeing the opportunities that he brings in milliseconds.

Because the more this happens, more the return you’ll receive… are you ready to enjoy life, while generating income and earning more?

How does the method work?

Watch and you’ll learn…

In this module you will understand how to solve your financial life, investing in the right way. You’ll learn how to activate powerful profit strategies in a single EA.

Here you’ll understand how the robot gear works definitely, and learn how to be a successful investor.

In this module you’ll become aware of the EA V12 operations and you’ll learn to apply it in practice.

Now you’ll operate with me in the financial market. You’ll finally utilize all the strategies and automate the EA.

Now you will discover how simple it is to applicate and withdraw your money in any investment brokerage. Without any fuss.

In the last module, let’s activate the EA turbo mode. All the strategies will begin to strengthen and the chances of earning more will increase, equal to, 12 traders operating at the same time.

See the amazing bonuses that I prepared for you:

You can join GROUP EA V12, an exclusive group via Telegram, where my team and I provide direct support to questions.

Students will have access to secret strategies from Wellington Martins himself.

You will participate in COMMUNITY EA V12. An exclusive community for students on facebook, where colleagues share their portfolios, ask questions, support each other in their investments and grow together.

The EA V12 is a software with tested and validated automation cores

This is you big opportunity to acquire a priceless knowledge and of course a tool that increases your financial income while you sleep

Sincerely, because of the transformation this EA causes, if I charged R$5.000,00 it would still be an amazing investment, but you won’t pay even half of that today.

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EA V12 + Complete Access + Premium parities + Volatility + Email support + Free updates + Secret parameters

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No questions. No hassle. This is more than garanteed, it’s a promise. Simply request a refund on the platform.

Eles conseguiram, e você pode ser o próximo


EA V12 +Members área + Support via Whatsapp + Secret bonus + Free updates

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Who will you learn from?


Specialist in operating the financial market 100% automatically.

Entrepreneur, for over 7 years in the financial market, conquered big results using this automation system in the forex market.

If you want your FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE, with only one device connected to the internet, without even having knowledge about investments, I’ll show you the right path.

I am the developer of the artificial intelligence with combinations of strategies all in a single EA.

See the answers of the main questions

You will have Access to all the training

After the payment, you will automatically receive an email registered with your access data. It’s important that you keep this email and, as a suggestion, you can bookmark the training access page in your browser. In case you don’t find this email, search in your spam box and, if it’s still not found, contact the support team via email.

That is practically impossible of happening, because all the students love the course!

But if that’s the case, you have 7 days of unconditional guarantee. If for whatever reason you think the program doesn’t correspond to your expectations, you can ask for 100% of your money back. The warranty is backed by Hotmart, the biggest Latin America’s digital product sales website.

Our trainment does not sell miracles and we don’t believe in effortless enrichment.

Everything worthwhile in life will be difficult to achieve and requires personal dedication, but we are going to give you the practical method for building sustainable investments, that can be applied by anyone and it hás been already proven that it works!

I will be able to make the payment in a simple way: with your credit card, paypal among other options that are released when clicking on The purchase button

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